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Default Re: i've stopped deynying it happened.

Kind of the same thing happened 2 me I was at a party in grade 6 and
These guys gave me a drink and put a drug in it and I didnt relize it until
I woke up the next day with my clothes off and I was tied 2 the bed with these 12th graders layin next 2 me and then I havent had my period in a 8 weeks and then I found out I was pregnant... My girl is 4. I dont have her anymore I put her up 4 adoption after I had her. I am afraid they might come back and rape me again I have got notes that they no where I am and there coming back and all I can see in my dreams Is there face... I may have been druged but I remember it so well and All I see is there Eyes. I can hear them screamin I kept fighting and they didnt stop!
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