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Originally Posted by Curiousgeorge141 View Post
Hi i want to know how you really masterbate because whenever i do it icant cum
Depending on how old you are and how much you've developed you may not physically be able to ejaculate yet. It would be helpful if you give us some information, like how old you are, how much you think you've developed, if you can orgasm but not ejaculate or if you ejaculate but it's clear etc.

From what you've said just there though, I'd take a guess that you haven't developed to the point at which you can actually ejaculate, so you may, or may not, be reaching orgasm but nothing else is happening. If this is the case then you need to be patient and wait for your body to develop more.

Originally Posted by kevblizzard31 View Post
i agree :o thats rlly long :o my shortest is ;ike 1 min, but my longest is like 10 minutes :$ how can i make it last longer ? :ss
Simply slowing down should allow you to last longer. Instead of masturbating non stop until you orgasm/ejaculate, then try going slower and stopping if you feel yourself getting close to orgasm. Can't say much more without breaking the rules, but try reading this website it might help you more.

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