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Default Re: Should the gay bar be an official forum?

Originally Posted by DouggyO.o View Post
as if any body reads the stickies and announcements though
You can see the announcement view count and see that the Puberty stickies are read quite often - I made sure one way or another that it'll happen (redirects from the previous Puberty FAQ [why wasn't that done before? how stupid], a decent name etc)

Even if they don't read them, us having those stickies there will definatley decrease the amount of rule violation rather than having nothing.

And there's always gonna be trouble makers...there's no perfect forum with nobody violating any rules. But by us having these rules and statements up there, it'll decrease the chances. We can take the other risks and if anything comes up, we can copensate by being stricter on moderating or throw up a temporary sticky/announcement bringing up that one problem (like Alex did with the "Reminder for all members" announcement)

Also, the forum description and the thread content of the forum should make it pretty clear what the forum is used for.
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