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Default Healthy Diet

So, I am a serious athlete and I run 40+ miles a week on top of 15,000-20,000 yds. of swimming. I have been eating a lot of ice cream and junk food for most of my life. I do eat a great deal of healthy foods aka vegetables, grains, fruit--etc. After thinking, I've decided to give up all junk food, saturated fat, bad oils--etc. The problem is that I have a LOT of trouble keeping my weight up with all the excercise I do. It has been nearly impossible for me to have a healthy diet and not lose weight. Could anyone that has sufficient knowledge in nutrition help me/ outline a good eating plan?

What I need::

Carbs (50% of diet)
AND a little dairy (my body doesn't handle it too well)


if you could list high calorie HEALTHY foods here, kthnks.

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