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Default Re: i need quick abs and pecs

Originally Posted by R3aLiZe View Post
YES I WAS ACTUALLY QUITE FAT I HAD MAN BOOBS OR W.E CLOTHS WOULD NEVER FIT i had to wear like size 40 pants haha well one day i just decided iam stopping this and it took me a few tries to finally get it down but like i said there is no easy way to get abs no fast way either its all upon how much work u put into it fastest way to a 6 pack is prob 3 months if your body fat is low but if u were like me it would take u prob 5-6 months maybe more but alone that line youll feel much better and much happier and much thiner.btw i started at at 15 so if u are younger theres no reason why u cant be full of girls and ripped by like 15-16-17 when it counts

my birthday is september 24 and im almost 15,i have lost a few pounds b/c i was running and do wights but i am still a lil chubby and i want a six pack,if i flex u can see the top 2 abs but not the rest,i need a few tips or exercises to help me get thge others
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