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Default Re: Wow that smarts...

Originally Posted by ~FAtUM~ View Post
But if you were taddled on then you'd be cool with it? (not trying to be mean just asking)
and when you saw him walking around without the youth leader around you wouldnt kick the shit outta him for telling?

I'm not trying to be the horrible influence here
i'm just saying no matter who you tell
they cant protect you all the time
and as far as being beatten up
thats happening already
besides the majority of bullies pick on younger kids or smaller kids because there pathedic cowards
so I honestly dout theyd bother you much again

you dont have to listen to me
talk tou your parents
ask your dad tell him that your getting beat up allot and if you fight back would he get mad

or you could listen to all of us
tell someone if that dosnt work
tell the cops
if that dosnt work make them wish they'd never been born
I've told both my parents, and they both vote for if it happens again, tell my Youth Leader, or fight back. (I am a yellow belt in akijutsu, you know...) I don't want to hurt them, just get them off my back. So thanks guys.
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