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Default Re: Question (for the girls probably)

Originally Posted by Sunrider View Post
You might not want to full out ask your girlfriend but I would try to tell her otherwise if she finds out she could get upset.
I really doubt his girlfriend would be completely ok with him talking to another girl about sex. In my opinion it would be considered out of bounds and it would be very hard to see innocence in the situation. Seriously, think out these situations and predict how the average person would react.

Originally Posted by TeenGuy512 View Post
We're close - I just said "sister's friend" because they were friends before me and her were. And I'd just rather ask her questions than look on the internet - b/c not all of my specific questions have answers that I could find.
Ask your questions here. We're here to help. Asking her can make her very uncomfortable - I wouldn't advise putting her in such a position.
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