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Originally Posted by ~FAtUM~
why? because thats the only way to 100% ensure they'll fuck off
because right now your a pushover
an easy target
I think it's fine that you should say fight doesn't have anything to do with your "position"
As far as fighting 'em back, I wouldn't do that! They're older than you and stronger than you. I mean, I got picked on by the guys in my weight training class, and I was a pushover. Now I don't stand for that crap, and I think it's good to cuss them out because they're little pricks.

Although this is another case because they're phsyically harming you.

Originally Posted by IAMSAM
but the result is what counts. Your decision should be based on what will most effectively stop them. Fighting back works only if you are sure you can win (and then there's the risk that they will be so pissed at you that THEY will tell on you!). Bashing someone with a metal pipe is just plain stupid (sorry), as the stuff you'll face in prison as a result will be far more intimidating and dangerous than these guys.

Telling the authorities is not 'tattling', it's self protective. And they will stop it.
I completely agree with this - it isn't tattling at all. You'd get the most out of telling someone about this, whether it's your parents, a teacher, or the authorities.
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