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Default Re: Embarrassing OCD Habits

Volume MUST be on a number divisble by five. The time I wake up MUST be divisble by five. Normally it's 8:15, if I sleep past 8:15, I get up at 8:20. No one can disturb my windchimes in my bedroom. The fan can jingle them. Otherwise no one is allowed to touch them (this has caused an accute awareness of them and now, I can avoid them even in the dark, although they are hanging directly in the middle of the room) I I self harm on one side of my body, I must have the same exact number of cuts on the other side of my body. I cannot step on the dark wood, or the light wood planks in my floor. Only the middle shade is safe. Everything I do must be done in even numbers, or numbers divisible by five. humph. Didn't realise there was so many until I wrote them down *facepalm* Stay Smooth ~Holli

I'm Holly, or Holli, which ever spelling you like.

I am Bisexual
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