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Default Re: a hot issue!

Ya maybe hey like acclimatization
Where I live between summer and winter the temp varys ALLOT
were talking a temp swing of upwards of 90C (194F) easy
each season takes some getting used to
Like a week n a half 2 weeks ago it started getting hot like +35C in the shade no breeze humid as hell and I was....not liking it sweaty, bitchy, dizzy
The temp for the most part has been preaty constant and now i'm just kinda clamy if i've been outside working for a bit other then that i'm fine

I've been to Anchorage and going from that espically in winter to Hawaii....I would be in really bad shape from the heat

all i can suggest man is allot of water and fruit
very little pop (avoid allot of sugar)
try and stick to the shade till you feel better

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