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Default Ok Ok I'll start like all others: There's this girl.

Ok Ok, theres always a girl.

I'll admit I am prone to infatuation and often find my self being ruled by feelings for some foxy female.

But over the last few days I have got to know a girl from my school whom I have become incredibly attached to and would be interested in pursuing (which is quite a deal with me as I am almost cronically shy when it comes to girls)

The first big hurdle is getting her phone number, and it's not just a case of me not being courageous enough to ask, it's that I and her are both pulling a sicky today and tomorrow she is going on a trip and it's the last day of term tomorrow. So it's a bit difficult, and I sure as hell want to talk to or see her during the following 6 weeks.

Any ideas on how to play this? If, if, anything happens or comes to fruition, this will be my first girlfriend and I dont; want to screw it up because man shes a humdinger.

Any comment at all is a good comment. Unless it's a bad comment of course.

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