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Default Hey from Michael...

Yeah, i just joined because i just recently found out about this forum and i thought it would be a good idea to look into certain things and possibly add my own input into things.

Names Michael. Turned 15 around five months ago, I'm about 6 feet tall with Blonde hair and blue eyes. I love Anime, more like attracted to it, you can find me going gaw gaw over Naruto or Avatar... My dream, even though it could never happen, is to become an architect. To help build the future of our society from its foundations up! At the moment, i'm somewhat of a romance novelist on deviantART. I think i choose romance because i dont experience it first hand, and i'm afraid i may be becoming desperate for a relationship...

I've enjoyed my time on here already, leaving my advice on some of your guys threads.

If you choose to run away,
You live to run away again...
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