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Default Re: Wow that smarts...

erugh.....i'm gonna get in soooo much trouble for this

Dude i'm about to tell you something that nobody else here has and that someone in my "position" shouldnt be supporting

Fight back
I suggest you get some of your friends/brothers etc...
you find the assholes that are beating you up
and you beat the living shit outta them
if there five times stronger bring 4 more buddies

why? because thats the only way to 100% ensure they'll fuck off
because right now your a pushover
an easy target

I dunno how ur parents are but i know mine if anything would be proud
as long as your standing up for yourself
your family
or your friends
and you didnt throw the first punch

If your REALLY scared about fighting back
then go right to the cops
when your tadling on a bully
it always makes them a lil more concerned when its a cop car that pulls up in there driveway then a phone call from someone
press charges

in canada as long as there over 16 you can press charges

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