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Default Re: Should the gay bar be an official forum?

Those are very good points to consider!
I think we should kick one of the inactive mods of Puberty101 and add someone else, preferably a GLBT mod.

I also think it'll bring the right type of people - the whole forum will be more open to GLBTQ folk as a lot of people stay in Puberty101 because they don't know that the Gay Bar exists (I know because that's what I thought when I was a guest, I came from Puberty101 ) and more so, we'll provide a place to ask for coming out advice and questions about gay community.

Although it does need to be cleaned up. I've read everything in the Gay Bar and I'm waiting to PM someone with all the links, because it's a bit messy I'd just rather do it myself See, most of the threads were locked instead of deleted and some need to be removed because it doesn't fit an official forum - James used it as a diary, and some things are just about him that should be removed.

Also, I updated the Puberty101 rules to make them much more clearer and easier to read. There's a chance that more people will read them - and will get the idea. Hopefully the new moderator will be very active like Ant and will catch things fast.

Lastly I think that it will help the forum as a whole, because more people will see the forum and it would be easier to get support for GLBTQ help - it's not very clear because a lot of people don't even know the Gay Bar existed (I know I didn't when I first visted the site)
Sure, there'll be trouble-makers, but I don't think it'll be all that hard to catch stuff if we just get another active Puberty101 mod.
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