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Default Re: Am I some kind of freak?

Rereading your statement, it just seems like you're confused about 'looking at little boys'. Now, most people would assume that you meant in a sexual manner, but you elaborate by saying 'you aren't attracted to them'. So, what the hell is the point of this thread again?

You like looking at little boys because you find they're cute? Cool. There's really nothing wrong with looking at someone/thing in that way. It's like saying "guys... I think there's something wrong with me... I like to look at kittens.. I mean, I'm not attracted to them. I just like to look at them because I had a kitty and it was so innocent and fuzzy."

Sorry if I'm coming off a little harsh, but there's really no need for this thread if you don't have any sexual feelings what-so-ever for youngin'. Some little boys are cute! If you're comfortable with your sexuality, you can come to par with that.

EDIT:Also, if you have something to say after you've already made a post shortly after, add it in through an edit. Like this

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