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Default Re: Can any girls help me out please?

Seriously, girls making the first move isn't as great as you'd think. I came into high-school with the same mindset as you, and as I expected, girls are way more upfront in High-school.

I was asked out a total of 4 times, one I accepted not even knowing who it was. She wasn't bad, she just kind of weirded me out for whatever reason, and I kinda realized that I want to be the one that makes the move.

I think it just comes down to me knowing what I want. If someone you don't want is forced on you(get your mind outta the gutter), you feel really uncomfortable and odd around that person.

The time I accepted was at the start of the year, I ended up turning 3 other people down afterwards. It was just a bad experience and it was dumb of me to say yes.

So, to sum up what I have to say: Be ballsy, make the first move, if you get shot down so be it!

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