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Originally Posted by Regularguy View Post
What is the fastest yall have ever stroked yAll dicks did u get the cumm you wanted
what do you mean like the fastest? i have came in like 30 seconds before

Originally Posted by viper View Post
can i use vasaline for anal fingering
sure you can, its really greasy though and hard to get off your hands/fingers

Originally Posted by Terrell61309 View Post
Ok Im 12 I Masturbated Today Something Came Out It Wasnt Pee It Was Sticky And It Wasnt White It Was Clear i was just doin my buissness and i felt something it didnt feel good or nothing something came out i touched it i squezzed my junk and more came is this cum or what answer please!
pretty sure its cum man congrats! your gonna hate having to start cleaning up now. but yeah i remember when i first started i didnt cum that much. but after a couple weeks i was blowing a good sized load

Originally Posted by kai99 View Post
Is it normal NOT to jack off ?
i mean a lot of guys do, but why wouldnt you be normal if you didnt jack off?

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