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I was raised in a muslim family in a largely christian country with (thankfully) secular secondary schools that allowed me to think about and question religion. I'm an atheist and materialist. I don't believe in the soul, I don't believe in any greater power, I don't believe in anything other than what can be proved to me.

I'm of a persuasion where I think that religion does much more harm and has done more harm than good. To me (I know to anyone reading it may be different) it's like having your purpose and your life designated for you. Any God that exists and needs to be worshiped continually seems so egotistical and, when you think of the massive imbalance of suffering, downright morally wrong that it would be better that they didn't exist. In that case i guess I'm an anti-theist.

I'm sorry if I offended you, but to go from "there has to be a beginning to the universe" to "an omnibenevolent, omnipotent, omniscient creator did it" is a step too far. Sometimes, the universe is just "brute fact" and the best and only answer we'll ever get is "I don't know."

Of course these are my opinions and there's no reason you should share them. (Which is another reason I don't like religion, the right religion - which is all of them apparently - always has to be shared by everybody).

Thanks for slugging through that if you did.
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