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Default Orchestra situation.

I'm a rather more advanced cello player in orchestra. I have always been at least 3rd seat and most of the time second chair. But last audition I bombed it and got 5th seat, my best friend (who has normally taken my spot everytime I do bad) took my spot again. But this time it's different, she got used to it and then liked playing the first stand solo that we're doing this unit. After these auditions I ended up getting 2nd seat again. Which is great becuase I got a 99% on my playing test. But I don't know what to do about my best friend. She's obviously a little sad about it. She has to sit with the most snobbiest girl in our school and she's not looking forward to it. I feel so bad about it because I really could care less if she was my stand partener. But what was I supposed to do, aim to get a 98 and sit next to the obnoxious girl? That would be a little hard to do. I feel so bad and I don't know what to do!
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