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Sometimes I get VERY nervous and I know what I want to say, but it comes out has half on word that I was going to use and half the other and I get laughed at. My teacher made me go to speach class for it. I only did it in front of my ppeers so my mom got really mad and pulled me out of speech class. Ever since I've always had to speek out in front of the class because of it. I don't like to speek in front of people. Especialy people who I see often but aren't my own family. I don't tend to speak out unless it's an important issue. Debate team I'm great and never studder, but reading a book report in front of the class....eehhh. I think it's natural. You just forget what words to say or have too many so you say half and half and it come out giberish. lol
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