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Default Re: What is it like to have schizophrenia?

[QUOTE=~Tortured Beauty~;162200]
Some see people who are not there (for instance God)
Some voices are friendly, hostile, religious.

Very true. Almost al of the patients in my phych unit are talking to God. It's definite in their mind. "I'm talking to God and this person is just jealous" is sometimes what they say to me. Most of the time in bad cases they can't even hearr me. I would have to almost scream to overpower the voices in their minds. I have patients I have to communicate to by writing on a notepad. In some places they have no mental health systme. Vermont, for example, has almost no mental health phsychiatric ward in the state. Maybe one small one with around 30 beds, but almost none. It's very complicated and almost impossible to comprehend without having it.
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