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Unhappy Am I some kind of freak?

ok so, uh how should I start? well...I am 14 turning 15 in August and I was just wondering about something. I feel really weird about this and I dunno what to say about it. I feel like I am not really attracted to, but I find that sometimes I look at boys that are like younger than me, like 9-13. I am not some kind of pedophile (sp.) I just am not sure. Is there something wrond with me? Is it just hormones or what? I dunno, I think its just cz I once liked a boy this past year and he was really sweet and innocent. I used to think I was gay, and I made the mistake of telling alot of people that, but I am pretty sure I am bi. I do feel like I am attracted to boys, and I look at them alot more than girls for sure. I don't know!!!!!!!!!! Someone please help me! And please dont criticize me, I posted here for help because this is where I should go for help, so no nasty remarks. Please and Thankyou. reply in here soon plz!

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