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Default Re: Worried about ejacuations

Well first off, yes it is confusing that you like erections and not the ejaculations. The climax is supposed to be the most enjoyable part of masturbation, which happens to be the ejaculation, (or orgasm for girls). Now if you don't want to ejaculate, but cant help but feel the urge to look at pornography, then i suggest a life long tip...take a cold shower. It wakes you up, and gets rid of most, if not all, arousal. Its helped for me in the past...sometimes. If that doesn't work, then i guess you have to build on your self control. If you get an erection, refrain from making contact with your penis and think of something else then naked girls, sex, or anything related to the topic. It'll die down if you keep your mind off those things.

And if your worried about actually ejaculating, i don't really know what to say. I've never been worried, unless if i get caught.

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