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Default Nonsensical Freezing

Before I say anything else..

I'm sorry for- excuse my language- being such a bitch in the shoutbox. I've complained in there a fair bit since I've been frozen, and while I believe I do have every right to be bitter about it, I think that was quite unnecesary. Thanks to Anthony for pointing out that I can post in this forum.. Now..

I, Fallstel/Tim, feel that I have been wrongly banned. I am not here to discuss my two previous infractions worth 3 points in total- I do believe that I absolutely deserved those. I am here to talk about the most recent, and most upsetting one. ~FAtUM~ has unfairly gave me an infraction for disobeying staff when all I did was point out something that I feel he should've known. (That the diary request thread is for more than just diary creation). Sure, I was wrong, that diary requests can also be posted out of that topic but...

A GOOD moderator would've pointed that out in a kind, peaceful manner!

Sadly friends, that is not what happened. Absolutely not- Instead, he said I was an idiot and a fucking noob, then gave me a two point infraction for 'Disobeying Staff'..

How the hell do I disobey staff when I WASN'T TOLD TO DO ANYTHING?

And later he says that 'undermining staff is a rule that seriously needs to be enforced'. Wrong again! First off, there is nothing in the forum rules that says anything about 'undermining'. Second, after looking up the word, I noticed that it simply means to 'intentionally attack some one with underhanded / disrespectful tactics'. (From the dictionary on my self, from what I remember.)

I am getting sick and tired of this bullshit. I did not deserve that two-point infraction, and I have wrongly been frozen. Thank you for taking the time to read this, have a great fucking day.
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