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Default Re: *** Girls Masturbation Discussion & Techniques Thread ***

Yeah, i think the other members have stated what "clit" means...

About the masturbation techniques...I don't know any of the "Official" techniques for girls, but i'll do my best to come up with some. First it could be a good start off point for just taking your palm and rubbing you're clitoris. From what i've heard, only rubbing can get you to that climactic point. Then if you really want to do it, then there is the fingering technique. Or if you're comfortable with it, you can put multiple fingers in at once, which would all add up to around the same size as a penis. Then there's your entire fist but i'm not gonna suggest that you try it at all. You could hurt yourself.

Basically i could go on for about five pages on masturbation techniques since there are really numerous methods out there. In the upper paragraph alone i mentioned using your hand. Then there are several objects you could use as a penis, either they be store bought, (Adult store i mean, not Walmart...) or from around the house, (ie. a brush handle, ive heard about a toothbrush, and basically anything you can fit inside...) Just make sure you clean it properly afterwards...

I hope i answered your question like you wanted...

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