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I was curious about how normal it is for girls to masturbate, and how many (I suppose your estimation of how many) do.
It is absolutely normal for all sexes to masturbate. Weíve all done it on one level or another even as babies and children, though we may not remember. In general, most boys seem to start masturbating regularly earlier than most girls, but on the whole, about 98% of men have or do masturbate, and about 95% of women have masturbated or currently do.

I recently tried masturbating, and inserting the fingers in my vagina wasnít comfortable at all, so then I tried something else, I put my hand between legs and pulled my hand upwards while my legs were wrapped tight. Is this a form of masturbation?
ANYTHING that you do with your genitals yourself for the purpose of sexual pleasure is considered masturbation. Most women, according to studies and general information, donít masturbate regularly with vaginal insertion, but instead by manipulating the clitoris and surrounding areas of the vulva. Like most sex, there arenít rules that govern masturbation: whatever feels best to you is what you should do.

What exactly is an orgasm?
A fine question, that one. An orgasm, simply put, is a physical and emotional sexual release. During orgasm, your body responds with a series of both voluntary and involuntary muscle contractions (most of which are in your pelvic area, abdomen and thighs), and those contraction push blood (inside your body, you wonít bleed externally) from the tissues in your pelvis. You may, upon orgasm, ejaculate, or feel a wetness in your vagina and on your thighs.

Many people experience orgasm in many different ways. It may feel intense, or it may feel relaxing. You might feel a ripple of warmth through your body, or almost a tickle. Sometimes, our awareness in our mind shifts a bit; we may feel disoriented or dizzy. Not only do er experience orgasm differently from person to person, we all can experience any number of different experiences of orgasm ourselves depending on our level of arousal, the means we use (masturbation, intercourse, oral sex, etc.) to achieve orgasm, and out general mood and physical well-being.

Unfortunately, a lot of young women donít know when theyíve had an orgasm, or donít trust in it, because a lot of media and strange mythology surrounding orgasm has thwarted the matter. Though it is a marvelous feeling, you may not always want to scream to the heavens, and for most women, orgasm does not happen from vaginal intercourse or stimulus alone. The earth doesnít always move, nor does your head feel as if it is blown off. All in all, the best way I know to know if youíve had one is if you feel satisfied and sexually sated.

A lot of women fake orgasm, feeling if they donít ďcome,Ē they are ruining something for their partners, however, this is not so, and is a bad habit to get into, as it gives your partner false cues about what is turning you on. Sex should not be for the point of getting off, but for the entire process. If it isnít, then everyone is missing out, whether they have an orgasm or not. If kissing or masturbating isnít as enjoyable on some level as intercourse, itís time to take stock. Reaching orgasm is wonderful, and in time, youíll learn how to have one, but itís a bit like eating you dinner: the point isnít to finish whatís on your plate and get away from the table, itís to savor each bite, and relish giving your body what it wants and needs, at itís own pace. For more information on orgasm and sexual response, click here.

I find myself completely obsessed w/ sexÖ and Iíve never even had it!! I think about it constantly. I have this huge desire to go all the way, yet, at age 14, I feel I truly shouldnít. What can I do to substitute for sex? I have a guy that I am physically involved with and we both feel the same way. What can we try without doing the actual deed?Itís completely normal to think about sex a lot when youíve got hormones racing through your system like the Indy 500. There is something about the notion of ďsubstitutingĒ for intercourse that disturbs me though. The thing is, sex is bigger than intercourse, and it isnít the be-all end-all of sexuality, by any stretch of the imagination.

There are any number of things you can try, both with and without a partner. My guess is, your desire isnít so much for intercourse, per se, as you havenít experienced it to know that, but simply to diffuse the sexual longing and frustration that you feel, and that is exactly what masturbation is for, and on some level what sex with a partner shouldnít be for.

Work with yourself first, and I think youíll be surprised to discover how much of sexual longing is about you, solely, and not you wanting your partner. After that, you can try any number of things, including mutual masturbation, manual/digital sex (with hands and fingers), oral sex (use protection, please) and even simply talking about sex. These things will not only do the trick now, theyíll prepare you for better intercourse when the time comes.

If you masturbate close to the time your period is suppose to come, can your period be late?
Not really. In fact, because orgasm brings on contractions in your pelvic area, itís more common that it might bring on your period if itís about that time. If you masturbated and your period is late, itís a coincidence.

I am a Virgin and I want to know how to explore my self properly. I want to know how to masterbate. When I watch movies like (How Stella Got Her Groove Back) it makes me sooo Horny I wanna know what it feels like I know nothing about sex or my clitoris. When my friends talk about it, and ask me how do I like it? I end up lying. They use words that I never heard before and I donít even know what they mean.

Learning to masturbate is just like learning to do anything else with your body. No one else can tell you how to walk or how to run, you just have to pick up your feet and give it a go.

Check out our map of your anatomy and get to know your body a bit. Then explore! Use your hands and fingers, or as many women do at first, running water or a shower head, to touch different parts of your vulva and find out what you like best.

Hey there, I want to thank you for the site it has done a lot for me. Iím 15 soon to be 16, and I have this great interest in sex, I write about it, I talk about it, and I plan on doing it this summer with a good guy friend that has mutual feelings for me. I wanted to know if having this great interest in sex is normal for teens, especially for girls?
It certainly is normal. However, I think too many of us when weíre young make the false assumption that an interest in sex, or a sexual drive, is an interest in intercourse. Though intercourse is sex, sex isnít only intercourse. A lot of women who assume that wanting sex means wanting intercourse are sorely disappointed when they have intercourse, and discover it isnít what they thought it would be. In fact, some studies show that as many as 80% of women donít usually enjoy first intercourse or are satisfied by it.

Thatís where you, and your hands and fingers, come in. Wanting intercourse as a curiosity is okay, but we should make sure we arenít using someone else to get off, to put it bluntly. You can alleviate both your physical craving and your curiosity by masturbating, and in the long run, you may find it works better when it is sexual satisfactionóseparated from emotional intimacyóthat you crave.
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