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Default Re: Should Marijuana be legal?

ok my two cents now

Humans are adabted and ment to have Cannabis in there system and brain. Unlike Nictonie. Our brains are equiped, everyone, with Cannaboid (spell check ) receptors in our brain and they open and are used when inhaling or eating Cannabis into our bodies, our bodies dont see this is a harmfull Substance.

Besides would you rather see a Vicodin addict hopped on pills, and sometimes depressed cause hes taking so many drugs and still has pain and its horrible on his body.

Or see him lite up a legal marijuana joint , and be good for some hours and still capable of doing things he would sober.

Why is alcohol legal.
People use this DRUG ya its a fucken drug, to drown there sorrows in and depression. well depending on who u r this drug can cause u to commit suicide and usually kill others very easy. behind a wheel or other things u kill or indanger urself anothers. What about cannabis, nope. theres maybe 1 accident in the history of driving on weed because he fell asleep maybe, no cannabis keeps u paranoid NOT TO CRASH when high infact u end up going udner the speed limit like a granny, would u rather see that on the roads or a 90 mph dumbass swurving everywhere.

There is no documented medical history that says Marijuana alone kill the person, or gave the person a heart attack. No where. Theres probably like 2 cases that marijuana led to someone doing a stupid act and killed themselves. Well thats different cause fi we based statistics on that then alcohol would be 50 percent, smoking 49 and marijuana .50 perecnt cause the other .50 is eating habits.

Do some research on legit no goverment proagandae sites. Marijuana is GOOD for ur lungs, its got other chemicals besides THC that give a good coating to ur lungs. That is beneficiery. It doesnt give you heart attacks, or make you stupid. The people ur talking about that you see weed ruined there lives and they look like crap, thats not the weed thats the crack, and heroin and other actually bad and deadly drugs they moved onto cause there dumbasses. Weed dont cost alot and it dosent make u sella ll ur shit for it.

Is cannabis addciting?¿ yes and no, mainly NO its not addicitng like alcohol and nictonie by far, its a yes because hey ur feeling depressed want something to cheer u up so u want a hit. its no as in nictonie and alcohol wheres its like ur in school and ur like NEED WEED NEED WEED!! and u start having withdraw attacks.

Whats the goverments view?
They are slowly beginning to legalize it, its already medically acceptable.

Hell the goverment love marijuana they use the cannabis sativa plant for canvas, other materials, LOTS OF THINGS. Cannabis is the biggest cash crop fo recreational and economical use. Hell we used to be required by law that farmers grow just cannabis crops.

So read before you judge the weed.

Thing is it may not be legalized and it might

Phillip Morris one of the biggest tobacco conglomerates there are. Has a couple acres near the tobacco growing where they grow yse marijauna. Hes ready for when they legalize it.
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