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Although you can't really help with such little information, an important thing to point out is that most anorexics don't recognise they have a problem, they recognise they are fatter htan they are, they don't recognise that anything is wrong with that.

Alot of girls are insecure about their weight, thinking they are fatter than they are. Anorexia is a serious condition, and it's not as common as the media shoots it out to be, it involves having a SEVERLY distorted body image, like they might be so skinny their ribcage shows, but they still believe they are obese, and work incredibly hard to get even more skinnier.

However if your friend really had an eating disorder (the throwing up part) she would be closer to Bulimia.

- On a side note, there isn't much anyone can do to help you on the net, youd need to tell the whole story, and even then we wouldn't know what the person was like, and how she would react.

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