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Default Re: the worst cut ever!

I cut my self once It all started at school I was in Art as an elective and
my so called Best friend wanted to date the guy i liked Only
cause I liked him and he said YES I couldnt belive it So I was really mad
and I took a compass and cut my arm it didnt feel good it just let out alot
of stress so I kept doing it as the day went on I was sitting at lunch and
My arm started 2 bleed really bad thru my really heavy sweat shirt and I was talking 2 my other friend and she asked why my arm was bleeding and I said I bumped it on somethin and the Guy beside me which was the guy I liked picked up my arm and slip my sweat shirt up and he screamed at me and said why r u doin this and I said why dont u ask her! and I ran 2 the bathroom and I had my pocket nife and ripped my hole arm open and I fainted on the floor and The girl came in and called the guy and he carried me 2 the nurse and the called my teacher they didnt call my mom though and then my teacher did and My mom called the Meadows and said If I didnt stop I would kill my self and I went 2 the meadows 2 get better and It worked it scared the shit out of me and I stoped and I have tried 2 not hang out with those people I thanked them for telling the teacher and helping me get help and didnt talk 2 them ever again.

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