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Default Re: Should Marijuana be legal?

Problem is, marijuana isn't harmful. It has many benefits including relieving headaches and pain. Its negative side effect is a minor case of short term memory loss, but only while the drug is in your system. It's not even physically addictive. Hemp can be used to make cloth, rope, and paper and grows like a weed. Because of this it is a viable alternative to the use of over four million trees a year to make the world's paper, thus reducing deforestation by 35%. Not only that, but it's cheaper to make paper with hemp. Now that we're on the topic of money how about the eleven billion dollars spent yearly on the enforcement of marijuana prohibition? 45% of all drug arrests are for marijuana. Over 30,000 people are in prison for marijuana use, growing, possession, or selling. Our prisons are already overcrowded; prisoners have to sleep wherever there’s floor space. Not only is this a load on our prison system, but it costs taxpayer money to keep people in prison.

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