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She died because she had read only that E is dangerous if you dont drink enough water, she DRANK TOO MUCH, it wasn't publisized that too much water can be bad for you, and thats why she made the headlines.

They didn't give all the information about E, and someone died because of it.

- What should be done to give advise on drugs?

1. Information regarding drugs, including safe methods of administering drugs, that's for obvious logical reasons. It's better to know ALL about drugs, rather than all thats bad about drugs.

2. Prevention - Giving someone the facts. Telling people not to do drugs is not PREVENTION cosmos nudge nudge. People have minds of their own and make their own decisions. You don't make them for them.

3. Treatment - Half of all teenagers are into drugs, so why not tell them the safer ways to go about doing it. Or what? Let them damage themselves when it could have been avoided.

These are just my opinions, im not even a moderator of this forum. Im a counselour, i partially mod everything, but im only here out of interest. So feel free to give your OWN advise, and stop complaining about me, if you got a problem PM me!

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