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heh, so what if you can't swim? You can still take a dip in the water. I'm a horrible swimmer, but I can still hang with my friends by the pool and try my best. The thing is, if you don't know how to do something, try it. And if people laugh at you because you can't swim, oh well. Just laugh it it yourself! Accept that you can't do something and go and hang out anyways.

but yea, any ideas to make me feel better? anything to do?
Like I said, go for things. Go to a therapist, or talk with people on this site so you can let out your feelings - don't bottle them in. Get a song that motivates you. Find something you love and go for it or learn how to do it or learn more about it. What makes you happy? Do that!

I think you should talk to someone 1 on 1
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