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Unhappy the worst cut ever!

okay if anyone would care to listen i got a story (at least skim through it if you don't want to read it all)

not recently, but a while ago, maybe some time last year, it was night time and i cut myself. ill tell u, thats the worst time i ever cut myself,
and i think its the last time i cut myself since then.
because that night when i cut myself,
i looked at the blood on my shirt, and i was bleeding pretty bad.
i felt all dizzy and woozy and lightheaded.
and my eye sight vision got all blurred and it felt i was gona pass out or faint.
i was scared to death , literally.
when my vision got all blurry, it felt as my life was just slipping away.
i really thought i was going to die or something really bad was gona happen.
i tried falling asleep, but i was shivering it felt like.
and i think it was summer time or something!!
how couldi be so damn cold in the summer?
but i was shivering so bad, and i was so scared.
and even though i dont know if to believe in god or not, i was still praying to him i dont know why.
i was praying to him that i would live.
and yes obviously i did live.
but it was the most scariest moment ever.

has that happened to anyone? (any part of my story besides the actual cutting part)
anyone have any ideas why you think i felt the way i felt?
any comments, or anything?
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