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Default Re: Embarrassing OCD Habits

Before I go to sleep, i have to make sure that the gas is off on the stove, first going one way along the burners, then the other. Whenever I stack anything, it has to be in order from largest to smallest. The books on my bookshelf have to be ordered by size, and all series books must be in order. If anyone is aware of how the Redwall books are written in a wierd order, occasionally skipping over and then going back, then go back some more and then skip back ahead, I actually took the time to figure out the order that they should really be in, then I put them on the shelf! I also don't like things to be overlapped. They have to either be stacked or one next to the other, but never overlapped. Everything I do has to be in doubles. 2, 4, 8, 16, etc. My radio or MP3 player volume has to be at values like this. When I get up in the morning the order goes like this: Shower, eat cereal with glass of OJ, brush teeth, rinse mouth, wash face, shave if necessary, put on pants, put on shirt, put on socks. Routine is only altered if circumstances prevent it from happening this way.

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