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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

I always had a bit of a feeling I was attracted to girls since middle school. As cliche as it sounds, I had to force myself not to look at the other girls while we were changing out for gym. Then in 8th grade one of my friends invited me over to her house and when everyone went to sleep we started "experimenting". That solidified my being bisexual. Then in 9th grade there was this guy that I thought I really liked. We texted back and forth for a while, flirting and such. One day he decided it would be a good idea to send me a picture of his "manly bits". I was completely grossed out, and we stopped talking ever since. Since that day I've never looked at a guy the same way again. Plus, lesbian porn turns me on while straight porn does nothing for me. And that is the story of how I became a lesbian

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