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Default Re: *** Girls Masturbation Discussion & Techniques Thread ***

Originally Posted by ThatCanadianGuy View Post
It really depends. If you were just rubbing yourself (your clitoris) and didn't insert anything into your vagina, then it shouldn't hurt at all. However, most virgin girls feel pain the first time they have sex because their hymen is still intact (it's a piece of skin that essentially blocks your vaginal opening; it tears during sex, which hurts but is a normal part of your first time). Only you would have to insert something deep enough to tear your hymen for you to feel pain. Don't worry if this happened; it will most likely make your first time with a guy less painful (or not painful at all but rather enjoyable ) if you "get used to" large objects inside of you (well hopefully they're large ).

is that what people mean when they say: popping the cherry??
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