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Default Re: I'm Confused! Please Help!

Originally Posted by trigger View Post
i don't think that you should be asking people to rep you (although i think you were joking in this case?). a good reputation should be gained by helpful advise to other people, not through being asked for it. i have 600+ posts and rep 1. who cares! if people like my advice, then by all means rep me, but i like to give advise to help people and do so to the best of my ability and experience to make them feel better about themselves and help them in their situations, not to gain a high rep and make me feel better.
Let's not talk about this Rep thing here
Although I gotta say that your Rep Power isn't the same thing as your Rep Points, and people give you Rep Points...I think I made that pretty clear
You just haven't been here long enough to have a Rep Power of 2

Now all the other posts below this one should be about the topic
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