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Default It's a Pleasure to Meet You

Greetings! My name is Robert; it’s a pleasure to meet you. This forum sounded interesting, so I joined. I’m 16 and I live in Kona, Hawaii. My favorite colors are black, white and grey. I am 25% Japanese, 25% Chinese, 25% Kiwi and 25% a whole bunch of other things (French, Canadian, etc.). As far as music goes, I’ll listen to anything that isn’t rap, but I chiefly listen to rock and classical music.

I have a lot of hobbies ranging from cooking to writing. For my age I’d say I’m above average in intelligence. I enjoy reading classical literature (unlike everyone else at my high school) and I have advanced knowledge in the fields of nuclear physics, French history and I am currently reading up on quantum physics. I can speak Japanese and English and I am working on my French.

At the moment, I am an interning chef at a local hotel and plan on perusing a career in that field. I don’t really like sports, but I play tennis and would like to get into fencing, except there isn’t a fencing club anywhere I could get to. Anyways, I look forward to being an active member here!

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Does anyone cook with raccoon? I have a large number of racoons on my property, does anyone have recipes?
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