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Default Re: Stopping a Wet Dream

Originally Posted by Cap'nCrunch View Post
No. Reaching orgasm releases sperm, which should prevent build-ups and unexpected releases (wet dreams).
QFL - (quoted for lies) reaching orgasm does not release sperm, sperm release happens whenever your aroused enough for it to come out, cumming and orgasm's just happen very close to the same time, because it is possible to cum and not orgasm. normally whenever you do orgasm thats when you just kinda shoot everywhere, whenever you cum before it thats normally when it just dribbles out.

wet dreams can also be prevented by masturbating and cumming atleast like every 2 weeks or so, im 15 and have been able to cum for about a year and have never once had a wet dream, and i do dream of sex and stuff, but i just take care of my business b4 hand.


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