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Default Re: Live Earth: Concerts for a Climate in Crisis

The problem is that in order to even you to even have a chance at holding a high federal office. Senet, House of reps, President. You have to be wiling to be a ass kissing corrupt dickhead. The key is to not let the public know about it. Which is is why democracy is flawed, or at least at the moment it is in America. Anyway I think live earth was ok but really from what i watched it didn't seem to really promote the fight of global warming that much. i mean occationaly they would have a global Warming awareness ad, but i think they could have spent a little bit more time on that hole global warming think, considering the fact that that was what the live earth concert was all about. Also watching the concert seem to remind me of the the episode of south park titled Die Hippie, Die ere they have a giant Hippie JamFest in southpark.

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