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Thankyou boognish for being rational and supporting.

I'll stand by my opinion - Talking about the effects of drugs positive or negative really isn't going to change your opinion.

I recognise that anyone takes drugs, and teenagers are especially prone to such risk taking behaviour, it's not the drugs fault, blame emotions like impulsivity, excitement and curiosity - all very natural emotions for a teenager.

As many teenagers do experiment in drugs, theres no use telling them "bad bad dont do it" because it's too late, they've done them or are planning to do them again. - Telling them both the positive and negative side will help reduce health risks.

Here's an example of something that happened because a girl didn't know what she was getting into.

Leah Betts took ecstacy on her 16th birthday, she was a normal teenager, and she and her friends had taken the drug before with no problems. This time Leah took one E tablet and it started to effect her when she was on her own. She got worried she would over heat and die, as it had been publisized that E makes you too hot, and you should drink water to battle that. She drink 6 litres in an hour, a day or so later she was in hospital, fighting for her life with severly diluted blood and brain damage.

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