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Default Re: zoloft or prozac?which is more dangerouse while drinking?

ya...don't do what rudi does
the only person i've ever seen that can absorb drugs and alcohol like rudi is brad
the two are insane

Everybodys diffrent like rudi said
but you have to be careful hun
me for example......lets just say it wouldnt be good....entertaining but not good

I know one girl that ironically enough is in university as a psych major shes on anti-depressants and she had half a beer and she OD'd

then theres rudi who seems okay with it

or brad....the dude was hit by an 800lbs metal plate right on the head crushed every bone in his face and STILL didnt knock him out
they gave him enough sedatives on the heli ride to the hospital that they literally could have takin down a buffalo and he was still thrashing
ya....glad hes my friend

My point is everybodys diffrent
so you HAVE to be careful!
please hun

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