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Default Re: Stopping a Wet Dream

Originally Posted by Toga
Would masturbating without cumming stop wet dreams?
If you can't cum in the first place, you won't have a wet dream.
If you masturbate and then stop before you orgasm and cum, it's more likely you're going to have a wet dream.
If you masturbate and then cum, you'll decrease the chances of having a wet dream.

Originally Posted by Toga
well I might be able to cum, but I just tense up and nothing happens...
If you masturbate, and then build an intense feeling and then have a big rush of feeling but there's no liquid coming out of your penis, that's an orgasm and you can't ejaculate - so you can't cum.

Edit: so see, cumming is the same as ejaculating - ejaculating happens at orgasm, it's just that some people can't produce cum yet so they may not ejaculate at orgasm.

I really don't get what you're asking

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