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Default Re: Should Marijuana be legal?

I didn't feel like this was dead to me at least. I want to to live! LIVE I SAY!

ok, so, heres to your health

Cannabis smoke contains carcinogens, but don't let this fool you. Scientific studies have yet to show higher cancer rates in cannabis smokers. In 2006, Donald Tashkin, of the University of California, published a study. He concluded there is no link between smoking cannabis and lung cancer. A sample group of 1200 people with lung, neck, or head cancer; and a group of 1040 without cancer were examined. In conclusion, Tashkin failed to positively correlate a lung cancer risk. “The results indicated a slight negative correlation between long and short-term cannabis use and cancer, suggesting a possible therapeutic effect.” Cellular studies, along with studies in animal models suggest THC encourages programmed cell death of genetically damaged cells that can become cancerous. It can also restrict the blood supply that feeds the tumors. THC is also a dilative agent, perhaps cleaning the lungs by dilating the bronchi and actively reducing the instance of tumors.

crazy stuff. I wrote this after studding some cancer studies relating to marijuana.

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