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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

Well...when I was little I would watch tv and subconsiously stop myself from looking at womans boobs cuz it was "wrong". Then I had a dream where I was being fingered by a girl(which really scared me), but I figured it was just a dream. Then there was this my class. God she had a wonderful body..clear skin, huge ass, big boobs, long black hair..she was my exact definition of beautiful at that point. And well...I wanted her and it, really bothered me. The way I came out was I asked my best friend
me:hey I'm your best friend right
me:*has to choke out the words* would you still be friends with me if I was bi?
her: of course

I was real lucky. Course then I started liking my best friend and it went downhill from there but...omg rambling too much, hope that answered the question
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