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Default Dermatillomania

So, this might sound stupid to all of the people with real problems, but I'm really unhappy because of my skin. I have a lot of zits. Big, small, old, new, you find everything on my skin. And I think I wouldn't have them (at least not that much) if I just stopped picking them. And I can't. I feel like I'm addicted to picking zits. I have looked it up on the Internet and I found out that you can be addicted to picking zits - it's called dermatillomania. It says at Wikipedia that this ... illness is connected to OCD and I have OCD. We have it in my family and a lot of my relatives with OCD also like picking zits.
So, the problem isn't just my skin. Let's face it, I guess it won't go without a lot of powder, but I can live with it. The thing is, my mom is really angry with me because I pick my zits. I go to the beautician and my skin is a lot better since I started going there. But my mom says it's too expensive and that she won't let me visit my beautician anymore if I don't stop picking my zits. She also has OCD and likes picking zits, so when I first found out this two things might be connected, I thought she of all the people will understand the most. But she just says it's an excuse and that no such thing as dermatillomania exists. She says she can stop picking zits anytime she wants and that I can too. I don't know about her but I am really trying and I want to stop with it but nothing has worked for me yet. I can't stand a day without picking a zit. So how can I tell my mom I'm serious about dermatillomania? How can I convince her to let me visit a beautician once a month? Money is not a problem, I can afford it with my allowance. And, also, if anyone has the same problem, how are you dealing with it?
Sorry for bad English ... Hope you still understood everything!
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