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Default Re: I need to dump him !

Originally Posted by hardcore-smile View Post
okay , so i have this boyfriend his name is jake and hes like a nerd and he has like NO friend litterally , like at school he just sits by himself and i hate it cause im part of the "in group" and people call it and i always have to go up to him and stay with him , but now that schools done i dont have tht problem. But the thing is i didnt date him beacuse of looks i did it beacuse of personallity. But now i want to dump him so bad but i cant beacuse he loves me so much and i cant do tht to him and i kinda want him to dump me but tht would ruien my reputation , i mean getting dumped by jake kelly . what do i do ?

dont dump him just cause you say hes a nerd
so what? i bet he'll grow to be fuckin rich billionaire
then you'll probably be jealous (if you did dump him)
hes not the problem, YOU should sit with him
if you dont, then YOU'RE the problem
not to be rude though but thats how i feel
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