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Default Re: scientific discoveries of the holocaust

Justified? Who justifies something. Were any of you back there or are you relying on texts and facts that have been rewritten dozens of times? I'm not saying the Holocaust was a good thing, but please think about this. "The victor writes the histories". You've all been brought up, told, that the holocaust was evil. What if Germany had won. Would the holocaust still be a taboo, evil subject?
You cannot seek to justify something before your time. Also as to the medicine tests thing. (don't hate me) "Even in the darkness a light shines". Perhaps they did make significant discoveries. Maybe the surgical techniques we use today to save lives was used to torture people. Is that good or bad.
The Holocaust was good and bad. Depends how you look at it. It happened. Try to justify it all you want, it still happened. Good resulted from it no matter how much you are disgusted with the idea.
I understand that this is a touchy subject and try not to hate me but there you have it. The holocaust was both good and bad. Do not dwell on the past, proceed to the future.
Good day to you all.
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