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Default Re: I know we're not supposed to know about love but....

YES! She told me she likes me! Today in geography, we were mucking about because our teacher is absolutly shit, and she asked me who i fancied at the moment. As always, (That is, she asks me this question a lot, about ever week, lol) i answered "you know who i fancie" and as always, she blushes and then i asked her. and she turned away blushing even more. THEN(!) the bell rings and everyone packs up to go and she shy-ly says she'll text me later. I nod, and we leave the school, then go our seperate ways.

About 10 mins after i get home, she texts me and says, "You"

I didnt move for about 5 mins, my mind had just stopped.

I then recieve a text saying "but i dont want a boyfriend at the moment"

what do you guys and gurls think?

What up?

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