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Default Re: Post Your Desktop Screenshot! - See First Post For A Guide

Originally Posted by kwstoudt View Post
Why are you running OpenOffice on Windows 7??? You should be running at least Microsoft Office 2007 if not Microsoft Office 2010!!!
Because that picture is from 2009. Windows 7 was still in Beta, and I don't think Office 2010 even existed as a beta then. If my memory serves me correctly, I "acquired" Office 2003 after that screen shot was taken. Why? Because Office 2007 is a massive pile of horse shit.
Also, that laptop has gone through 2 hard drives since then. And I got a new laptop after that. The one I have now has Office 2010 on it, and I actually paid for it.

Speaking of which, I haven't posted in here in a while. (Ignore the "no internet connection sign... it's connected just fine.).

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